Data Conversion

The heart of any business is the preservation and archiving of its historical data and documents. Archived documents need to be legible, accurate and clean. Those that cannot be scanned perfectly through traditional OCR technologies are manually reviewed and important information retrieved and inputted.

Migration of large databases can present daunting challenges to the success of a large system migration. Line by line, data tables and records need to be scrubbed clean of typos, redundancies, and inaccuracies. Service is delivered through a layer of sharp-eyed managers supervising teams of encoders entering or proofing data, indexing documents or scanning images.

Canasia offers the following document services:

  1. Indexing - Electronic documents are indexed, which allows instant reference or retrieval.
  2. Digitizing - Text is translated to digital format.
  3. Imaging - Documents are scanned and archived.
  4. Scrubbing - Databases are scrubbed line-by -line, record-by-record.
  5. Data Mapping - We provide data migration services, providing our clients valuable assistance in ensuring the successful implementation of new enterprise level solutions.

Applications Development

Meeting the challenges of the digital economy requires enterprises of all sizes to increase their responsiveness to businees needs. Application leaders, too, are facing increasing pressure to improve the responsiveness of their organizations by incorporating new techniques and practices that can speed up development without sacrificing quality.

Most organizations have in-house developmnet legacy applications or purchased 3rd party packaged solutions. New applications are often required to make up for additional functionality demanded by the business demands. We have helped our customers define, design and develop new business applications and provided the seamless integration with existing business systems.

Two growing areas for the development of the new applications are:

  1. Mobile Applications Development - write news applications for mobile devices running on Android, iOS and Windows.
  2. Business Analytics - interactive data visualizations and dashboards to work with hundreds of data sources.


Canasia has access to the services of a boutique-sized BPO, skillfully manned by English-speaking staff, carefully cross-trained to handle a wide range of technology tasks. Canasia strictly adheres to the principles of CRS (corporate social responsibility) and is affiliated with businesses that provide skilled workers with satisfying jobs in their home countries. With CRS and a happy workforce, we provide huge productivity to our clients at half or less the rates of our nearest competitors. And to underscore our commitment to security and confidentiality, Canasia’s affiliates have been entrusted by foreign embassies to perform various services dealing with confidential information. Our clients are able to leverage our proven ability to deal with confidentiality, privacy and security.

Marketing Support

Canasia’s clients often find corollary needs for marketing support. Whether it be offline (graphic design, business cards, brochures, fliers, public relations or special events) or online (website development, website builds, website maintenance, search engine optimization, social networks, online analytics,) Canasia works with service providers in all these areas.


A team of U.S. board-certified attorneys oversees a select handful of current law graduates and students. These are the knowledgeable consultants that do e-discovery or document review in lawsuits by Canasia’s clients. Documents are processed quickly and carefully.