Policies and Procedures

  • To protect our clients’ privacy, Canasia conducts strict procedures for the verification and confirmation of information and data received from our clients.
  • Files transferred physically or electronically are handled in a secure and confidential manner.
  • The physical transfer of information is governed by comprehensive security protocols; the electronic transfer of information is secured by data encryption protocols, unique userid’s, and password policies.
  • As data is processed, the confidential handling of information is assured. During the processing of information, no files can be removed from designated secure areas in our facility. Canasia policies forbid the use of portable storage devices within designated processing areas.

Technical Infrastructure and Security

  • Canasia employs state-of-the-art firewall technology to protect client files.
  • We also use the latest anti-virus and anti-malware protection.
  • E-mail monitoring technology is used to prevent the unauthorized transfer of client data to unauthorized recipients.
  • Our internal web usage policy restricts the transfer of client data to unauthorized sites.
  • We provide unique and secure FTP sites to our customers; access is governed by unique userid’s and passwords.
  • Encryption is used to protect the transfer of data between Canasia and its clients.

Legal Commitment

Canasia recognizes its customers desire for peace of mind. To that end, we underscore our commitment to security and confidentiality by signing legally binding non-disclosure agreements with our customers.